SSO Logout Workaround in OpenStack Horizon

OpenStack Horizon supports single sign-on login through Keystone. When logging out after authenticating this way, the user should again be sent to keystone, so that keystone too terminates the session correctly. This doesn’t happen however.

OpenStack Barcelona Summit vBrownBag on Resource Federation

We got accepted for a vBrownBag talk for the OpenStack “Ocata” Summit in Barcelona on “Resource Federation in a Multi-Landlord Cloud”.

Chunked Transfer Encoded Requests

Handling requests with Chunked Transfer Encoding in Python with Apache/mod_wsgi and uWSGI.

Keystone to Keystone Proxy for Services

This article explores a complementary and optional addition to the original idea about Resource Federation in OpenStack.

K2K OpenStackClient

OpenStackClient proof of concept to send commands to federated Service Providers using K2K.

Hats? Global Game Jam 2015

Had such a blast at the Global Game Jam 2015 @ Northeastern University as part of Team Boulder (alongside Matt Long, Nicole Amidon, Walton Lee, Nathan Low, Sarah Zaidan, Rui Jiang). We developed a 2D side-scrolling platformer in Unity called “Hats?“.