K2K OpenStackClient

OpenStackClient proof of concept to send commands to federated Service Providers using K2K.


Currently there is no way to performs calls to the federated Service Providers using OpenStackClient or the various python-*client.

With a new command line option --sp, users should be able to direct that call to the specified service provider using K2K.

Here is a short demo on which we query Glance for the image list in the Service Provider and boot an instance there using one of the images.

There is no cross-service federated communication yet, which is something we are currently working on in the Massachusetts Open Cloud as the Mix & Match Federation project.

A demo which includes the OpenStackClient (among federated volume attachment) change can be found here.


A new --sp command line option parameter is added. This is the federated service id as registered in Keystone.

A new auth object is created and assigned as self.auth. This is done in the setup_auth method, after the local self.auth object has been built.

A WIP patch will be proposed soon with the full changes.